Online Writing Workshops

*We do not have any courses scheduled for the foreseeable future due to busy schedules. However, if you are interested in one-on-one consulting (see our FAQS page for more information about what this entails) or proofreading services, please contact us for availability and fee information.

If you have not already done so, consider enrolling in a Community Writing Workshop at Florida Atlantic University, our alma mater:




Enrollment-dependent, our workshops are typically multi-genre. This means students have the freedom to share whatever work they would like to develop or revise (memoir sections, short stories, poems, etc.).

If enough students express interest in a specific workshop genre, we will run it. For information about specific genres, see our brief descriptions below.


The Poetry Workshop is for workshop participants who would like the opportunity to learn, read, and work in the genre of poetry. Whether you are a beginning writer who wants to try their hand at writing poems (don’t be scared, prose writers: this class includes prose poetry), or are hoping to continue with a manuscript in progress, this workshop will give you the opportunity to join a small, intimate group of poetry lovers. Besides reading and discussing others’ poems, expect to also participate in conversations about what a poem is, the various forms of poetry, and how to go about submitting your poems to literary journals and magazines.


Whether you’re thinking of starting to write your memoir, want to try your hand writing magazine articles or reviews, or are thinking about starting a blog, the nonfiction workshop welcomes writers that are willing to explore all kinds of non-fiction writing.

By offering a wide array of short readings that explore the genre (including memoir, personal essays, journalism, and travel writing), this workshop aims to help each writer decide which techniques and styles work best for their own unique project. Since community workshops traditionally don’t have a heavy reading load, these short readings will focus on acquiring the “tools’’ of nonfiction writing in quick bursts, so that many different methods can be practiced as your writing process unfolds.

In addition to workshopping each writer’s work, time will also be spent discussing the importance of investigative and historical research, interviewing, and fact-checking throughout the writing process (memoir writers: these steps apply to you!). Additionally, time will be spent talking about the merit and limitations of creative license in non-fiction writing, and the fine line between creating engaging, authentic scenes and fabrication (truths as told ‘slant’).

Fiction Workshop:

Are my characters believable? Is enough at stake for my protagonist? What kind of narrative structure is best for my story? The Fiction Workshop is for workshop participants who would like the opportunity to learn, read, and work in the genre of fiction. This course will examine the elements of good storytelling through readings, discussions, in-class exercises, and workshops. The goals of the course are to share knowledge of the key elements of fiction writing, workshop and peer review the writing of others, encourage the practice of reading like writers (recognizing and investigating elements of craft), assist in the development of new writing through in-class and/or take-home free writes, and foster an intimate community of readers and writers in all stages of their writing career.