Current Course Listings

*We do not have any courses scheduled for the foreseeable future due to busy schedules. However, if you are interested in one-on-one consulting (see our FAQS page for more information about what this entails) or proofreading services, please contact us for availability and fee information.

If you have not already done so, consider enrolling in a Community Writing Workshop at Florida Atlantic University, our alma mater:


ONLINE WRITING WORKSHOPS (five week courses): 

Our Online Workshop offers what we do best only from the comfort of your home. Depending on your goals and interests, our Online Workshop offers you the option to share your writing with other PBC writers via an easy-to-use online work platform, and our instructors, for valuable feedback. All ages, styles, and levels are encouraged to join us. If you have yet to put pen to paper, we can help you get started. Typically, participants will each have two chances to submit up to twelve pages of their original writing–or, for poets, three chances to submit their poetry–for feedback and critique from both the PBC Writers Editors/Instructors, as well as other members of the group. As this is an online course, you will have the flexibility to read and comment on submitted manuscripts during each week, in addition to reading and discussing optional readings chosen tailored by our instructors for each workshop’s participants (many of whom we’re thrilled to see keep in touch with their fellow workshoppers for trading of writing, sharing of book recommendations, and coffee dates).