Welcome—we’re glad you’re here!

Hopefully you’ve made your way to this site because you are interested in the art of writing, and are looking for a way to commit—or recommit—yourself to this art. We created PBC Writers (the “PBC” stands for “Palm Beach County,” if you were curious) to help you do just that.

We wanted to offer our own series of writing workshops and classes after teaching versions of both during our time in an M.F.A. in Creative Writing program, in which we mentored writers who were working in a wide range of genres and for a variety of projects, including novels, essay collections, poetry manuscripts, and almost everything in between. However, the workshops and classes we taught weren’t always able to offer “the right fit” for some of our students.

What we learned from this experience was that our students needed more. From those who are new to the art of writing, dusting off an old skill set, or working writers with piles of pages ready to be shared with an audience, we have designed courses that cater to participants at all levels of their writing journey. Most importantly, we are hoping to help build and grow a community of writers in South Florida. We are doing this because we love writing, mentoring, and sharing what we’ve learned about the art of poetry and prose.

So, please feel free to peruse our site for more information about our workshops, classes, consulting, etc., and we hope to see all of you around the workshop table soon!


Jamie and Nico

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